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Events may be in Italy or anywhere in the world but they must have a clear Italy theme or connection. If not, they will not be published.

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If you have organised a Italy-related cultural event such as an art or museum exhibition or workshop, use Italy Chronicles to promote you event at no cost – although donations would be welcome – especially if the event is for-profit.

All submissions are subject to approval and there is no guarantee they will be published.  The publisher’s decision is final.

See this event article for an example of how to present your event: Event Example  Family-friendly events welcome, but extremist or discriminatory events are not.

Note: Limited time special offers on accommodation in Italy do not qualify as events. If you would like to use Italy Chronicles to promote special offers, the cost will be €50, plus VAT, if applicable. An Italy Offers category will be set up if there is enough demand.

Use this form to add your event. Events must have an Italy theme, but do not have to be in Italy. All entries will be checked before publication.
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